As a member of ASME, we have a few guidelines to ensure that you have a good experience and make a meaningful contribution to the club. 


  1. All members have the ability to propose a new project to work on. 

    • Note : Our club has one main project that we work on together as a team. You are able to work on the main project or propose any other project ideas that you would like to work on. Our club will assist you on your proposed project with financial and human capital. 

  2. If you would like to work on the main project, you will be put on a team, of your choosing, that will have a specific task each week to work on. 

  3. We will eventually go to an SAE Formula One competition (postponed indefinitely according to the website). 

    • Note: All members who have contributed significantly and are registered as a SAE member will be able to attend the competition. (In order to become a member of SAE, you must go to and buy a membership. Uniforms will be distributed to members that are attending the competition.)

Responsibilities and Expectations

  1. All members are invited to ask questions at any time. There are no bad questions. We are all trying to learn in this club, so make sure that you utilize the seniority in this club by constantly asking questions about the project, any of your engineering classes or other career development questions. 

  2. All members are expected to complete their assigned tasks and communicate with their task leader. If you are unable to complete the task, you need to keep your team leader informed so the workflow continues. This will increase the club's efficiency.

  3. If you would like more responsibility on the projects, we would be happy to give you some. Make sure to ask the club leadership for extra tasks and other leadership opportunities available for members. 

To join the club

To become a part of the ASME club you have to contact the president or the treasurer letting them know you are interested. We will then get you involved in our next meeting. If you cannot make the meeting it is ok and we will work around your schedule to get you involved. 

Note: There are NO membership fees to simply attend the meetings and get involved.